bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

John does a meme!

I hate stupid computer words...

First real kiss
Easy...with the first woman I ever fell in love with. My blood was racing so badly I couldn't see or hear. After that, I had a referent for "roaring blood". It really does you know. But damn my eyes hurt...tunnel vision sucks.

First job
Hmm...selling popcorn for University Of Miami Baseball games, in the early 80s, when UM was kicking ass. I STILL remember how we alllllll loved the bat girls.

First screen name
This one

First self purchased album
Led Zeppelin, The Song Remains the Same

First funeral
My grandfather. Why the fuck would anyone want a seven year old at a funeral, I don't know, but they did. My grandma threw a fit until my dad dragged me up from Fl. to look at a dead guy in a box. (I had like NO memories of him, so he was a dead guy in a box).

First pets
A dog named snoopy and a cat named Patton

First piercing
My left ear

First true love
hmmm...that is a tough one...the answer depends on I'll avoid it for now.

First big trip
The Road America Can-Am race at Elkhart Lake, WI, when I was 2. Yes I remember. Anyone who's ever heard that noise will know why ;-)

First musician you remember hearing in your house
The Kingston Trio


Last big car ride
From Massachusetts to KCMO, via South Carolina, complete with accident. Got to see mom, Gypsye, and Keith. it rocked.

Last kiss
From </a></b></a>poorheather

Last good cry
Yes, and like anytime a guy really cries, it was damned painful, because we don't do it a lot, so stopping is really hard

Last movie seen
Star Trek: Nemesis on DVD, Kill Bill part 1 in the theatre

Last beverage drank

Last food consumed
PB&J on toast and a metric assload of Hall's Cough Drops

Last phone call
From me? To Schoun
To me? From Iris

Last TV show watched
Teen Titans

Last shoes worn
My Spicoli Vans, bought as the coolest.father's by </a></b></a>poorheather

Last CD played
"Spend the Night", The Donnas

Last item bought
Hangars, dish soap, laundry soap, and resume paper

Last disappointment
No nekked Uma Thurman on the doorstep holding my morning paper

Last soda drank
Diet Rite

Last ice cream eaten
Blockbuster Ice Cream Sandwitch

Last shirt worn
Macworld Expo New York 2002 Speaker Swag Shirt

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