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spring cleaning

So I realized that for someone who is a fairly private person, I had some pretty personal stuff on a fifty mile high billboard. As you may notice by the sudden paucity of material in this journal I changed that.

It's nothing personal, so no one should take it that way. But, as those who know me well will attest to, i'm not one for public revelations of my inner thoughts, and i was never really comfortable with sticking them here. This is pretty much how i do things, and it carries over into things like sparring. i'm a defensive fighter, I guard my motions and wait for my opponent to commit. To reveal themselves to me, while I do my best to avoid that. In a sense, working on radar jammers for the Air Force went along with that. it's how I feel comfortable with the world. the people I need to communicate with don't need this, and the rest don't really count on a personal level.

If you want any of my web writings, they're all, (well the ones that I deem fit for public consumption) at my new site .

I'm not leaving LJ, but I don't think I'll be posting personal stuff for the whole internet to see anymore. It's not me, and it really never was. So I'll slip back into semi-lurk mode for now.

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