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Random Oscar thoughts...

No, it's not

Most Blatant and BAD use of Botox: Mike Meyers

I have to give Halle Berry some major credit for showing up and getting her Razzie for Catwoman and showing a rather remarkable sense of humor for it. Nice to see she can own up to the suckage too.

If "Phantom of The Opera" wins ANYTHING, i'm vomiting.

Chris Rock looks GOOD in a tux

P. Diddy is NOT happy about Chris ragging on the source awards.

Ragging on the "I'm so happy just to get nominated" crap.

"Have you ever seen a movie so bad that you question the actor's finances?"

Oh man, he's ragging on everyone! He should do all Oscars.

Ragging on black films.

GAH...Phantom SUCKS

YES, Phantom lost for Art Direction!!!

Why is Rene Zellwieger trying to look like a Suicide Girl?

I'm actually glad that Jamie Foxx lost best supporting, because it gives him a better shot at best actor.


The Pepsi "Spartacus" commercial is funny.

Robin Williams is ON

"The Incredibles" just won for best animated film...and thank god, NO ANIME was nominated...because ANIME SUCKS. Deal

I'd love to see "Passion of the Christ" get shut out, just so that I don't have to listen to all the fundies saying that it was the will of GAW-WAD that they got an award.

Beyonce...singing in French...and according to poorheather, she's singing it as craptacular in implementation as it sounds in theory. Must be hard for her to have to sing in something resembling restrained and not uncontrolled yodeling. Great comment from poorheather: "This is the same bitch who sang "I need some soldiers up in here, where deyat!" and "If you ain't street, you can't have me", and is now singing "You sing French like shit" in French.


Budweiser Clydsdale snowball fight commercial...funny

Why are the commercials during the Oscars funnier than the Super Bowl.

Chris Rock goes and talks to the public away from Hollywood and discovers something...the public's taste in movies is utter crap, and if you ask them, "White Chicks" would have won "Best Picture".

Scarlett Johansson must be a good actress, 'cause she's totally convinced me she's a complete fucking idiot.

Pierce Brosnan and Edna from "The Incredibles"...BRILLIANT.

The winner for best costume's hair and dress were perfect

Christ, how hungover IS Tim Robbins

Okay, STOP with the She Mullet...just STOP it.


"Kirby Dick"? Oh you know he had a bad childhood

Damn, "The Aviator" is cleaning up.

Okay, so Mike Meyers looks like shit with all the Botox...but watching him blink madly trying to get the hair out of his eye is funny...HOLY CRAP, the dude from "Counting Crows" looks more like Sideshow Mel than than Justin Guraldi. What a waste of an SG on this crap. That's what Ibanez's are for.

YAY!!! Catherine Zeta-Jones...sort of...Chris Rock standing in for her...oh this is just bizarre...I get the feeling this wasn't planned.

Okay Jake (unspellablewelshlastname), the crewcut look only works if you're in a camp, or the military...other than look like a dipwad.

Cool, Spider-Man 2 won Best Special Effects....he's not the only one who's glad that there was only three LOTR episodes.

Al Pacino doing Sidney Lumet's honorary Oscar's not the smoothest, but it's very heartfelt. Dear lord...Sidney's getting Vin Diesel to ACT...and is there an excellent film in the last 40 years he DIDN'T direct?

Okay, really watching the Pepsi commercial with the dude walking and the Bee-Gees have to be a crackhead to think it's Brad Pitt.

OH GOD NO, IT'S MUSIC FROM THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! And how many dicks DID Beyonce suck to sing EVERY FUCKING SONG??? poorheather on her dress..."Okay, Liberace called, he wants his draperies back" Bitch, find the key and stay there...god she sucks...and I mean, I hated the music, but she's making it even worse...shouldn't she be wearing booty pants and shaking her tits...poorheather "She's like a Dyson (vacuum)...she creates 10,000x the force of gravity in SUCK!"...god, someone shove a dick in her mouth, she's starving...and by the way, black eyeshadow and a bazillion carats of cubic zirconia? BAD FUCKIN' CHOICE YOU HOBAG. Prince had a look of like "Holy shit, she sucks, why is she up there?"

YES!!! "Dude, wake up, it's your award nomination they're reading...yeah, were "praying"...surrrrrre you were"

BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....The Bud Light "Brazilian Fighting Cockatoo"....RUN TO JOUR MOMMY JOU LEETLE BABY!!!

okay...LOOKING at Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz...heaven...they're boobariffic...but LISTENING to them butcher english? Hell...sheer hell...someone please dub them...NOW...all that's missing is Charo and J-Lo in full ghettotastic regalia.

random shot of Samuel L. Jackson looking badass.

Oh my, we ARE sensitive about the "technical" oscar shit. Sorry, sound is technical.

Salma...STOP TALKING IN ENGLISH, YOU CAN'T DO IT RIGHT..okay, saying to people who don't speak spanish or english "trust me, it's a good song" ENGLISH???...kind of a waste, y'know?

Music from "The Motorcycle Diaries"...please god, not Beyonce again...pleeeeease....WOOHOO!!! ghetto-assed booty beeyatch...having Carlos and Antonio Banderas do this was a really good idea...he can sing rather well, and he can SPEAK SPANISH CORRECTLY...always good for a spanish song.

MasterCard commercials are getting FUNNY.

Okay...comment on the state farm commercial...if you run over your boyfriend's foot because you aren't paying attention, you have to let him bone you in the ass. Period.

The last time I saw someone who looked like Natalie Portman, she had sticks attached to her hands, and Jim Henson's arm up her ass...jesus bitch, eat a fucking doughnut...think of the poor bastards trying to get a dress to fit your bony-assed frame if nothing else.

It's funny how when no one was paying attention, HBO suddenly turned into the best source for serious film around.

I imagine that for a black man to poke fun at Oprah's kinda like an Italian poking fun at a pre-jail Gotti.

YES! another award that "The Passion" didn't get! "Dear Mel, we don't give a fuck. Sincerely, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences."

Stop with the awards from the's like "Your award wasn't good enough to be up front with the white folks". It may not be best picture, but it's still an Oscar damnit.

Oooh...Scorcese presenting the humanitarian Oscar...which is not given out every only when there's someone worth giving it to. Note to George can RESTORE a movie without FUCKING IT UP. Scorcese's like Woody Allen without all the bad personal life choices.

Two questions...why is Jabba the Hutt in the audience and who the fuck told him that he'd look good in a blonde frizzy wig?

Annette Benning..."Look kids, you can look good in your 40s without botox!" I love her just for that...i mean, how the fuck do you light Mike Meyers now...oh yeah, another song without Beyonce...of course, it's an instrumental..but i'm sure she'd have reached deep down and fucked it up to hell and gone just like everything else she does. YoYo Ma doing the music for everyone who died this year was a *brilliant* choice. It's really fitting, and quite tasteful. Ah, that's why Beyonce wasn't doing it...they wanted music with good taste, not music with a big booty. Jerry Goldsmith died? Ah, explains the Star Trek theme.

Every time a Cadillac commercial plays, Jimmy Page gets another dollar...gotta love the human money black hole.

If I hear "Layla" coming out of a phone, I'm punching the person carrying it. That shit ain't right. Puffy speaks english only slightly better than he writes music...and WHAT THE FUCK IS BEYONCE DOING EVERYWHERE??? Well, at least in a duet with Josh Groban, there's one person who can sing...wonder if he's going to have to get a skank test after the show.

Why are they playing "Kansas" when Prince is presenting? I hear he's got a tune or two of his own. The look on his face as he reads stuff is can tell his opinions so easily. Nice to see him having trouble with the names...if he read three languages perfectly, it would be too much. Watching the winner bow and kiss Prince's hand was really's so rare he gets the credit he deserves.

Someone tell Sean Penn: A) "I am Sam" wrapped a long time ago, and B) Chris Rock was MAKING A JOKE...what, Madonna got the sense of humor in the divorce? The best actress awards are nicely chock full of actual acting...okay, not Kate Winslet, but the rest are good. Sean, you're not Brando, stop acting like him. Hilary Swank's dress...HOT? Hilary Swank's speech? SUCK..but gracious...however, her boobs are a weee bit too big for braless. Morgan Freeman is even more of a pimp than Samuel L. Jackson...he's like a Zen Master Pimp who lays the smack down without actually having to raise a hand...and credit to Hilary for telling the orchestra to shut the fuck up.

BWAAAHAHAHAAHAHA...."My next presenter is the first person to ever breast-feed an Apple"...oh jesus christ gwennyth, get the fuck over yourself, you're not THAT cool.

Dear's a child carrier, not a fucking BOOK wear it around front...morons.

When did Caddy become a high - end car again?

Excellent...Jamie Foxx won it for "Ray"...and well - earned it is too. Oh jesus fucking christ, HEY OPRAH, PUT YOUR FUCKING HAND DOWN! IT'S JAMIE'S MOMENT!!! THERE, HE SAID YOUR NAME, ARE YOU HAPPY? Nice tribute to his grandmother.

Clint Eastwood's's so cute!

What's up with Dustin Hoffman, are his dentures slippling...I mean, holy shit, slur much? Lay off the backstage booze man.

Okay, the dude for "Million Dollar Baby" sounds like Harvey Fierstein...only not so gay.

Is it just me, or does the "Get off music" kind of no work when everyone ignores it.

Evidently Chris Rock is from brooklyn.

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