bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Sometimes, you just have to wonder

Normally, i don't post spam...but this one is just...well, you gotta read thoughts are included ;-)

Hi there, I would rather introduce my self in person, but I will try as much as possible to say few things about my self.

Well i'm pleased to meet your self. Hey self, how ya doin'

I am a very caring, loving person. I am also a collage student currently.

You ARE??? I LOVE collages. They're so cool! Are you into computer collages, or just old school?

I am not a module nor will I ever be

See, now there goes all my plug and play fantasies...and I bet you'd look cute in that FireWire logo costume I have.

, I went to a photographer to take some photos of my self, and he..

What! What! What happened to your self? Oh god, I can't stand the suspense. Quick, someone get me a bittorrent stream of what happened to that poor self!!!

well helped me to put up a web site about my self. I have some videos and I am getting my camera setup as I am writing this.

Well thank god it was just a web site. However, you're setting up a cam AND typing...shit, you must have like four one said anything about banging mutants...just what kind of perv do you think I am?

He has not asked for much. Well nothing at all..So yea, this is what I do now on my free time.

you should look into getting paid more...I mean, mutant freak cam girls aren't that common, I bet people would pay a lot for that.
I am usually online now, I just finished my med terms. ttyl

med terms? Wow, a four - armed surgeon...that's GOTTA be handy...

Christy Simpson,

some days, even the spam is too dumb for words

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