bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Oh brother...

So now, evidently, my last post on my thoughts about getting defriended by oceandream9 was a "book" on the subject, and I've been obsessing about her for years.

She's also told her little fanboys to go harass me, ostensibly for her amusement, but I'd guess it's because she knows it would be a very bad idea for a wee kitten such as herself to jump in the shark tank. But then, as she's shown, cowardice, and an inability to face the world on her own are two of her deepest character traits.

little girl, I obsess about Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman. About Krispy Kremes and really good steaks. Bacon. God, bacon. Good martial arts movies. Mini - Cooper S types with the CooperWorks package. about REALLY good Szechuan. Not that MSG-laden shit they normally make for the gweilos. But the stuff that makes your colon cringe BEFORE you eat it. Bambi hunting. Eating fresh bambi.

Shit like that.

Things worth obsessing about.

and if you think that post was a book, you're really clueless, and the people you hang out with are more illiterate than i thought possible. I've written books. That? That was idle tinkering while waiting for Pizza. Pineapple, whee!

But if you think your "Legion of Dumb" is going to do much of anything, feel free. But they better pack a lunch and have a good keyboard.

'Cause I do email for a living, and have been since before you knew what a computer was. Bring it.
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