bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Fond Memories of FEMA

As darkroomman reminded me, FEMA has many years of being incompetent while fucking over the people who need them most.

After Hurricane Andrew, to get aid from FEMA, they required copies of your W-2s for 2 years back, plus a copy of your lease or mortgage (among other things) in order to receive monetary aid from them.

On the surface, it seems reasonable, they wanted to prevent fraud.

However, this was after the country's last Cat 5 hurricane whose only saving grace was that it was a typical Cape Verde Cyclone...small, moving fast, so the worst of its brutishness was offset by a lack of time over target. However, to any who think that those hit by Andrew "got off easy"...well, we didn't have the flooding in NO...but we got two bags full of the rest.

So of course, thanks to people who were only concerned with paperwork, the the people who desperately needed FEMA aid the most didn't have that paperwork their possessions got sucked up and spit out when the roof came off, (it happened to my USAF shot, making those up SUCKED), and any bank deposit box they might have had was unaccessable at that time. So, the people who needed assistance the most got nothing, while those ppl that lost a few roof tiles got fat checks with which they remodeled in grand style.

See, it's not just poor black people...FEMA fucks with anyone who actually needs them. It's what they do best.

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