bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Oh dear god, Teh Stupid, it burns

Dear anonymous and very confused person posting in the abandoned journal of a friend of mine that hasn't had a new post in years,

I am not oceanic_enabler.

I have never been oceanic_enabler.

I can't even read their journal to point out stylistic differences, since it's either empty or friends-only, and I'm not on "the list".

I'm going to put far more work than i should have to into this and guess that whomever oceanic_enabler is, they have a mad hate on for oceandream9. While I can't say that I disagree with that in concept, there are some issues with that theory. The one that jumps out at me, (thank you anonymous silly person for a link) is in the quotes in this post. I cannot remember in the last ten years having used "shits" like that. It's just not elegant. "Prats", "Bints", even, if I'm in a particularly acerbic mood, "ass-licking dogfuckers" are my style. I speak, both professionally and for free on a regular basis, so, when I write, it has to "sound" correct in my head. This also explains my rather odd punctuation usage.

But really. "Shits"? Sure, when i was twelve. Haven't been twelve since 1979.

Secondly, and, this is important, I don't play the "have multiple accounts for teh flaming" game. I don't post anonymously. I might post as an anonymous user in some cases, but I'll put my name on the post. I'm odd that way. If I'm gonna flame you, you'll know it's me. If you don't, you don't read enough of my writing.

If you want to keep playing whatever terribly odd game you're engaged in, it here. Rae hasn't used that journal in a dog's age, no sense in cluttering it up with whatever it is you're on about.

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