bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Because, i'm evidently not allowed to make AIDS jokes...

You know what this means....Channeling Tim Kasurinsky

What a lot of people may not know is that there are many variants to AIDS.

For example, if you get an autoimmune deficiency after having unprotected sex in a pesticide plant, you could get RAIDS

Careless transfusions from a vampire hunter might give you BLAIDS

Random sex while sporting a bad Bobby Brown haircut could give you FAIDS

Be careful about banging your professor to do better in your class, they might give you some really bad GRAIDS

If Bob Geldof infects you, you now have BAND-AIDS

If you like to have sex with the domestic staff, watch out for MAIDS

The Wall Street community is a dangerous place to dip your willy, due to the high incidence of TRAIDS

Whoopi Goldberg just announced that she is in the late stages of BRAIDS

And finally, using a room freshner as a sex toy could lead to GLAIDS

Remember people, be smart, be safe.

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