bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Sometimes, you just have to use porn...

So this story is inspired by this Metaquote..

There is a computer company that shall go nameless, (They aren't the only ones doing this), who makes DVD player software. Now, one of the things that you can do with a DVD is, if the DVD author provides for it, view multiple camera angles. This is evidently a little tricky to code for, so they have to test it when they are working on a new release.

Of course, to test this feature, you have to have DVDs with multiple angles.

Guess, just guess what genre makes heavy use of multiple camera angles....

Yup, it's porn.

So, deep in the bowels of the building, is a room. This room has very thick, very, VERY soundproofed walls. It's said you could set off hand grenades in this room and not hear them, even if you had a glass up against the door. To get access to this room requires the signing of many, many release forms saying that you understand that when in this room, for testing purposes ONLY, you may have to watch porn.

There the devs and QA people sit...watching porn, and far too much of it..."Change the camera angle...okay again...okay change <setting> the camera angles again....

For hours. can even make porn suck.

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