bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Quick Thoughts

Okay, so while it's really not like being in a third world country, DIAL - UP SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!!

Dear Jimmy Page...would it fucking kill you to NOT have every fucking song made up of 29084752438 guitar tracks? I should never see "...guitar 3 is made up of several tracks..." when trying to learn "Misty Mountain Hop". Fucking prat.

I, and poorheather are part of a new site, "Musical Geeks". No, the lower cable was not my idea. But it's cool. Blocks the writing, not my decision.

This Robin Hood, with Patrick Bergin, Uma Thurman, and Jurgen Prochnow kicks the SHIT out of "Costnerhood, King of Iowa". Much love and thanks to mercurialmind for finding it on DVD!

I now have a George Carlin Desk Calendar. This will end up being bad for someone, but it won't be me. Much love and thanks to poorheather for that, and the karate Homies which will be ALL over my cube.

I'm speaking at Macworld Expo in S.F. this year and will be in that fantastic city from 8 Jan. to 14 Jan. If you want, (whomever "you" might be), ping me here, maybe we can have lunch or something. Could be fun, who knows.

If I could only read one webcomic, it would be Something*Positive.

"Dark City" is what the Matrix wishes it was.

It really can be far cooler to give than to receive.

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