bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Tales of Macworld after dark

So many of you know that I'm a regular speaker/pseudo - celebrity at Macworld Expo in S.F.

The former gets me in free, the latter gets me free booze and swag one week a year. When I say booze, i'm talking pretty serious quantities

Monday Night: Jack and Coke by the gallon...the recipe being a glass with Jack D, some ice, waved over the word "Atlanta".
Tuesday Night: Mass beer thanks to Microsoft. Stagger over to the IDG party, open bar and peanut butter cookies. I commence to downing Nuclear Wastes as fast as the bartender makes them. (Screwdriver with Peach Schnapps, Midori, Blue Curacao. Looks like Prestone when it's done. Far too smooth for my own good). Stagger from there to Dave's a glorious dive across Third from the Argent. I then discover that I can get one of the IDG folks to buy me...whatever rather simply:

I DARE you to buy me Jagermeister
I DARE you to buy me Jack and Coke

OMFG, look, I can't see the ground. Whee. Stagger back to the hotel. (Even plowed, I can always get home.)

Hungover until 11:30 pm wed. Where am I at that point? The Red Devil lounge.

Thursday? YML party at the Great American Music Hall. Free booze again. Gah.

Friday we rest
Saturday-Sunday we rest.

memorable quotes...
"Damnit, she puked again"
"did you just grab my ass"
"grab my ass"
"I'm not wearing underwear, check!"
"No, if I play vagina chicken with YOU, I'd be a muppet in seconds"
"I'm into latex and anal fisting"

That's just a VERY quick overview...

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