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Birthday Week!

So, this week, many people had a birthday, specifically me and darkroomman on Thursday. I turned 39, and Adrian turned...some age that is not 39. I'll neither confirm nor deny the age he is beyond that.

I'm sending him some Christopher Elbow Chocolates. Christopher Elbow Chocolates are the shit. Best chocolates in the world. Yes, they are. No one comes close. Don't believe me? Make with the clicky, and prepare to be astounded. Ask mercurialmind, who got a box of them while she was here. Her being here was an amazing present, birthday, President's day, or St. Swithen's day :-)

Today, Alex, aka the MonkeyBoy and I walked over to Mickey D's for my birthday dinner. (He's twelve ;-) We talked, goofed around, I explained why rotten eggs are NOT a fun practical joke, but shaving the eyebrow off of someone who's passed out is. He sang me happy birthday in McDonald's and much fun was had by all.

I'm getting some cool stuff, and have gotten some cool stuff too. Sly popped up on iChat and "sang" me happy birthday...yes, terribly goofy, but a wonderful thing to have happen at work. I got iCards from a few people, including my friend Trish who sent me a KRISPY KREME card. Now that's a card! It cost nothing, but it was unexpected, and therefore way cool. (Tip...don't get people what they expect. Get them what will make them smile the most). I'm getting an as of yet unknown gift from mercurialmind, that she won for her "Website of the Week" on Your Mac Life. It is something from the vaults of Griffin Technology, so whatever it is, it's going to be cool. Well, the fact it's from her makes it cool far more than it being a Griffin toy. But Griffin does rock too. I got a really funny card and a giant Snickers bar from poorheather. The winner of the "Oh no you didn't" prize however goes to My Friend Michelle. (Yes, that's how I refer to her. Ask anyone. It's the ten year old in me. She does have a "real" last name, but that's unimportant. There's only one person on the planet who is My Friend Michelle, so that's all that counts.) She's getting me, thanks to her job at the company that makes them...

A Bose SoundDock!

This was so totally unexpected, as our birthday presents normally consist of apologies for not getting each other any presents. It sounds worse than it is, as it's turned into this really long running joke. Esp. since her birthday is 7 days before mine. Oh, and I got the standard "Really nice quality card that everyone in the company gets on their birthday" from Web. Some day, I'm going to have to explain to him why that's just so lame.

See, I'm a pain in the ass to get presents for. Well, by modern standards. I won't tell people what to get me. That's their job. Anyone who knows me well enough to want to get me a present knows what I like. They don't have to be expensive. To this day, the best "thing" i've ever gotten as a present was a poster from darkroomman that he got for free. It was a promo for Playboy's collection of the cartoons they've published over the decades. It was COVERED with them, and I had it on my wall for years until it got destroyed in a move. It was technically a re-gift I suppose, but it doesn't matter. It was a gift that could only come from someone who knows me, and my deep love for such things. Another one is a giant Apple banner from Macworld Expo in Boston circa 1996 or 1997. My Friend Michelle gave it to me. No special day just "Here, I have this, and I know you'd like it". It's now Alex's. Cost nothing. Given to her by someone else. I'll keep it as long as it's intact.

See, the whole "issue" about regifting is stupid. I don't care if it's used, or regifted, or whatever. A good present doesn't have to be new or expensive. It just has to show that you know enough about me, and think enough of me to give me something for me. Because that's what I do. I like to get people things that are for them, that would mean nothing to anyone else.

Sometimes the gift is expensive, sometimes it's not. It just has to be something that, because you put a little more than "oh well, it's <specialday>, i have to do SOMETHING or I'll look bad." worth of thought. if that's all you're going to do, then why even bother? I mean seriously. That's why the card from Web was so...meh. I like gifts that make people squeal with delight, and jump up and down and feel good, because it's the right gift.

Best example...Donna's scarf. Donna was one of the bartenders at the Fridays in Framingham. Donna is hot. Like oh my god, please don't let me get a boner...crap, she looked at me, too late hot. One year, it seemed like every time I was in there and she was working I'd hear the same conversation:

"Donna, what do you want for Christmas? Jewels? A car?"

"Nah..I have those. I want...I want a scarf. A nice fuzzy scarf, that I could wear with anything."

"No, no, you're too hot, you need...."

Every damned night. The way she said "scarf" was just so intense. She really, really, really wanted a scarf, but from what I could tell, no one was ever going to get her one. So that Christmas Eve, I wander to the Marshall's in the mall next to the Friday's, and I get her a scarf. A nice fuzzy, off-white scarf. Happened to come with some gloves. It was just one of those generic scarves that you can wear with anything. I get it wrapped, and bring it in. Sit down at the bar, and give it to her. She asks if she can open it there, I said sure, otherwise where's the fun for me? She opens it, and for five minutes, all you heard, as she bounced around was igotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarfigotascarf!! Of course, some Gap Kid has to make some stupid crack about how if she was his girl, he'd have gotten her jewelry, not some stupid scarf. She said "Shut the fuck up! No one else listened to a fucking thing I said but John. I told you and alllll of you that I wanted a scarf, not stupid jewelry."

See...not expensive. Not hard to buy. But a little listening, and for what, ten bucks, maybe twenty, I got to make someone's night. It's not like I was getting anything out of the deal. (I ended up getting a ton of free booze, so that was all right, but I wasn't expecting it). But when you get a chance to make someone's day like that, why not do it? See, that scarf, that was a perfect present.

That's why I don't tell people what I want. I can get the stuff I want. It's when I get something that I didn't even know I wanted, but something that shows an above-average amount of thought...that's huge to me. So yeah, it is the thought that counts.

Anyway, I'm still not 40, so it's a good year so far!

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