bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Things about Lost that make it suck

Okay, I should not have this many things less than 30 minutes into a show...
  1. Jet Engines DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT. If you have a jet engine on the ground with no fucking power, that engine doesn't keep turns into a WEATHER VANE. Weather vanes do NOT suck people IN. Also, and I'm pretty sure chaobell will back me on this, a human body getting sucked into a jet engine doesn't CAUSE AN EXPLOSION. It just makes shit break. Of course, an unpowered engine in a high wind WON'T SUCK YOU IN
  2. When you have fuel catching on fire in the open air, it BURNS. It doesn't explode. You need specific conditions for fuel to explode. morons.
  3. If you're sitting next to a plane that used to carry over 400000lbs of JP-4, maybe, just MAYBE, building a fucking BONFIRE near the KEROSENE SOAKED SAND is possibly a BAD IDEA. Stupid fucks.
  4. Plane batteries don't last that long, and in any event, after a crash, there's not enough left of the electrical system to POWER THE INSIDE LIGHTS. Oh yeah, and THE KEROSENE SOAKED SAND
  5. Attention stupid bitch...that black box is just a TAPE RECORDER. What you're talking about is the ELT, and that's not always automatically set off by the crash, and it has LIMITED RANGE. Stupid bitch.
  6. POLAR BEARS?!?!?!?

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