bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Ninjas and Masturbators Pt. 2

(Note, this is the sequel to this conversation:

I cannot describe this adequately...but right now, I'm being told about how Ninja spooge is like some kind of stealth Patriot missile, taking out the spooge of the peeping tom masturbators..."fwapfwapfwapspooogeINTERCEPTED!!!!"

There are evidently large amounts of super ninja stealth spooge flying around, because just kicking the ass of the masturbating peeping tom spooge doesn't even get them tired. This explains the large numbers of mysterious pregnancies. Evidently, some poor girl is walking down the street and SHA-ZAM! PREGNANT! However the Ninjas pay child support..."I'm sorry my super stealth spooge impregnated you, here's a large check."

Then they take the baby away to be a Ninja too...some kind of bizarre training program.

I am also told that I am, for writing this, in IMMINENT danger of being impregnated myself...and having a mutant ninja baby hi-yaaa-ing its way out of my stomach ala "Alien". This is some SUPER motherfuckin' spooge.

To sinfidel...she gets weirder by the day...

To klingrap...d00d, this is the SANE retelling...I left out the sound effects

To, you were SO stoned on Aleve.

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