bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

I have odd hobbies

Well, I have one that's "odd", namely Kuk Sool Won. (It's a Korean hard/soft martial art style. If you want to know about it go here and make with the clicky-clicky.)

So yesterday, 18 June, we had a seminar at the Leavenworth school. The grandmaster, Suh In Hyuk, (title: Kuk Sa Nym) and a couple Masters, (≥ fifth degree black belt) go around the country in a big van and hold three-four hour seminars on various things. This one was on sword sparring. Since this was the whole school, from white belt on up, we used wooden swords.

Before you think this makes it easier, let me correct this. Each of the swords weighs between 1 and 3 pounds and unlike steel swords with a proper grip, these are perfectly smooth all the way down. So the only way to hold on is hand strength. Now, spend 2-3 hours swinging this sword in a variety of directions, or blocking someone else's strikes. If you don't block well, you get donked. Getting donked hurts. So you hold on tight to this stick that is trying like hell to slip out of your hands.

Yeah, so right now, I'm sore. Legs are sore, because we have to do these in proper stances. Arms and upper body are sore from all the sword swinging.


The worst part for me is that since I've been out of it for three years, and have a black belt, I'm on this accelerated training to get back to where I should be...which is better than everyone else save the two folks who outrank me. Ow.

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