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5 hours of Kuk Sool demos. The last two in the sun on a street. It should have been 6, but we were so dead that the third hour would have been examples of hand to hand passing out and vomiting.

That's not to say it wasn't fun. it was a blast. Especially when some of the others have been doing sword work with wood, and I get to use real metal. The "oooOOOOOoooh" from the crowd doesn't suck. My Escrima swords were finally put to good use, as our instructor used them for the double sword form. Way neat.

But the best was when we had some of the younger students doing some back and forth blocking and this one girl, who's six and has NO fear, and aggressive as hell, finds the BIGGEST wooden sword we'd bought, and squared off facing her brother with this grin of "IMA TAKE YOU DOWN BITCH!". She was insulted that we got her a smaller one. She couldn't even wrap her hands around the grip all the way, could barely hold it up, and it was actually a good 6" taller than her. But she was sure as shit gonna whale on her brother with it.

She's our favorite. No fear, listens, concentrates, very precise in how she does things, and pound for pound, one of the strongest kids there. I asked her dad, "Is she afraid of anything?. He gets this big grin, thinks for a, not really.

The first high school boy who tries something funny with her is in for a ruuuuuuuuuude shock.


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