bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Hell hurts know

Okay, so quick one...

When I go to a haunted house I expect...
  • To be Startled
  • To have people in costume sneak up on me and make em scream like a little girl
  • To have oooh, spooky things pop out of the wall at me

What I do NOT fucking ALL is to have some fucking lamer hell hound pop out of the wall and rack me square in the fucking NADS!!! So then, while I'm desperately trying to limp away to safety, and FAR from this demented shit, (and there was NO way not to get nailed, hell, poorheather almost took a shot right in the ovaries), I'm tripping over poor Joe, who's on his hands and knees, about fucking crying, because he got hit worse than I did.

What kind of fucking dipshit sets that up, and then doesn't even have the decency to fucking APOLOGIZE?

Lemme tell you, getting nailed in the ding-ding will pretty much put a huge fucking damper on the evening.


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