bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Monkey's first belt test

So last week was the monkeyboy's first belt test.

Yes, I know, it's a yellow belt. If you show up and breathe correctly, you get it. But still, it's important to the person taking the test. It finally gets rid of the white belt, and you have some proof that you learned something.

How'd he do?

Nailed it.

Since I help teach the class, I, and therefore, he, had to be there at 8am for the brown belt test. He didn't test until 11. So what's he do? Practices. For three hours. He'd also been practicing for days before hand too. He was smooooooooth man. Did everything right, no hesitation, no messing up.

Yeah, I know, all my students are special flowers. Whatever.

Ima still gonna be stupid proud of him, and when Tim put the belt on him, I don't know who was smilin' more, me or the monkey. But there was much smilin'. And it was good.

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