bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Dear somewhat confused people...

Just to clear this up:

I can respect your opinion, your right to said opinion, your right to promulgate said opinion, you as a fully functional human being, even when I disagree with the very same opinion, and say that I think it is doing evil things to my bullshit detector.

I can say that I think a particular viewpoint is quite possibly the stupidest thing ever said/written/pantomimed/performed as interpretive dance, and still not think you are less than a fully functional human being.

Disagreement != attack on your personhood.

Seriously, just because I think you're full of shit in a given instance, that's not the same as me belittling you as a person. If you really and truly think that to respect your opinion, I must agree with it, then I would...respectfully...suggest you look into getting your heads removed from your asses, as the lack of oxygen is fuckin' up your thought process.



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