bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Apple delays Leopard

And a billion MacMacs jump off a building. This will be seen in time as a good thing.

People get a grip. This isn't like Microsoft's problems with Longhorn/Vista. It's a single delay. Now, if they get close to October, and delay it again? Then you have a problem. But please, one delay in the OS? Oh wait, AppleTV was delayed, OHMYGODWTFKHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!111

However, to all my IT compatriots continually bitching that Apple doesn't have roadmaps: Now do you see why I say roadmaps are bullshit with perfume? Face it, what good would a Leopard Roadmap have done you as of yesterday?

Not one damned bit.

Stop drinking the Roadmap Flavor-Aid.

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