bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

If I had an "official" comment policy

It would be this:

Gentle Readers,

Since some of you need some kind of official policy...

Use some common sense. Keep your comments on the topic at hand. Just 'cause you're pissed at me over a previous post, don't be trying to carry it to a new one. That's lame and boring, and while I'm not going to delete anything for OMGSWEARING!!11, I will delete lame and boring like it was never there.

This is not a democracy. I am the sole arbiter of stay or go. This is not a government nor any other kind of entity where free speech laws apply. I think it's too sucky to stay, it goes. Don't like it, don't suck.

Don't tell me how to reply. I don't have to like a comment, I don't have to agree, and if i think you're being a tool when you comment, I'll be less than nice in my reply. Get over it.

I don't mind profanity, but for the love of Dog, don't just spew "fuck" all over. Learn how to use profanity well, or don't bother.

Read the damned site for more than one post, read the comments. That will give you a far better idea of what is acceptable than not. You can harsh on me all you like, just be on topic and entertaining.

Personal threats will be handed to the FBI and the cops, and the sender will be ruthlessly mocked. Unless you're Don Montalvo, in which case, you'll just be mocked. I will also feel free to publish any form of personal information I feel like digging up on you. Note that my friends are IT geeks. You have far less privacy than you think. Don't be a douche, and I'll return the flavor.

Random ad hominem attacks will be returned in kind, and I am capable of being a very mean motherfucker when I want to be, and I don't care if you hate me for it.

In other words, just use your friggin' brain, and it will be all good.

But, since none of you need this, I'm not going to "create" one outside of today's little exercise. Because they're stupid, and an admission that you attract stupid people.

And none of the people who read this site are that stupid as to need one.

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