bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Got a Wii

There's STILL people in line for this thing. I happened to be out early this morning to see if my local muffler shop was open, and realized that Best Buy opened in 15 minutes, so figured, "what the hell". I had some coffee, and the newspaper, (note to paperphobes: It is still easier to read paper and drink coffee while waiting than to do the same with a laptop or tablet or other device. What do I do with the paper when it's time to go in? Chuck it. Yay not having to lug it around.), and find out they had 48 in. I was number 20. I was not last in line.

It's been out almost six months, and people are still lining up. We did however all walk around a nice stack of 360s and PS3s to get to the Wiis. Those are always in stock.

So it was painless, and I now have a Wii.


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