bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Poor David Maynor, can't get a break

Or that hummer he thinks he's owed by the Mac community.

In addition to Gruber's perfect take on Maynor's small-penis-syndrome bitching about the CanSecWest exploit, which had this perfect line:
In my world, I look for proof and evidence. Maynor and Ellch’s supposed MacBook Wi-Fi exploit? Still unproven. Dino Dai Zovi’s winning exploit in the CanSecWest contest? Proven. It’s that simple.
I will say this:

Maynor has, at this point, shit away any possible credibility he has by his unending stream of bullshit, which was in and of itself, a lame attempt to hide the real, and non-trivial problems with his stor(ies). In fact, when you factor in his (continuing) hysterical accusations of a "vast PR smear campaign against him", and threats of lawsuits from Apple over security issues, you realize that even if he had found a vulnerability, you'd want someone, anyone else to vet it for you, because he's got less credibility than Paul Thurrot on such things. His continued fellation by George Ou does not, has not, and will not take the place of credibility, no matter how hard he clicks his heels together and chants "Steve Jobs is Satan, Steve Jobs is Satan".

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