bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Made the honeymoon reservations

So, the honeymoon plans have been made, (and along with them, most of my wedding responsibilities are fulfilled. I LOVE being male.)

It's a week-long cruise on the S.V. Yankee Clipper, sailing out of Grenada. It's a Windjammer Cruise, so instead of a behemoth of a floating hotel/casino like you normally get, it's a smaller sailing ship, that doesn't put you ten stories over the ocean.

Why take a cruise if you can barely tell you're on the water unless someone tells you? Besides, a ship this size and style == fewer people. I like that already.

Oh, and just because someone would think otherwise, no, I will not be bringing my laptop. There is no way in hell i'll be doing anything on my honeymoon that needs a computer.

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