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April NPD Game Console Sales figures

I knew there was something I was forgetting: my monthly look at game console sales. Here we are, almost into June, and I haven't looked at April yet. Well, let's fix that.

According to NPD, the sales for game consoles in April were:

Wii: 360,000
PlayStation 2: 194,000
Xbox 360: 174,000
PlayStation 3: 82,000

When we compare these to March's numbers we get:

Wii: Up 39% from March
PS2: Down 31% from March
Xbox 360: Down 23% from March
PS3: Down 39% from March

For the Wii, April was Nintendo's second best month of 2007, beaten only by January. (Disclaimer: I helped!) While Robbie Bach may disagree, I think that April reinforced the brilliance of the Wii, both in design and pricing. Looks like selling to the set of "people who aren't gamers but like to play games" continues to be a winning strategy for Nintendo. While I'm not going to call a single month a trend, I'm pretty sure that no one at Nintendo is crying too much. Another month like this, and they'll be the only console manufacturer to have an overall increase in sales for 2007.

i have to say it: You just know there's shouts of "WIIIIIIII" all throughout Nintendo these days. ;-)

Alas for poor Robbie Bach, the Xbox 360 continues its steady ~20% per month decline, and while the fans may disagree, I don't think that Halo 3 is going to reverse that until the pre-orders for that game exceed the total number of Xbox 360s that have been sold in the U.S. If all you do is sell to existing 360 owners, it will have a zero effect on console sales. They need something, as another month like this, and the Xbox sales will have dropped by half from January, the last month they were close to the PS2.

The PS3's drop is, if you look at the first quarter for 2007, in line with every month but March, which had a wee increase in sales. However, the fact that the PS3 only lost a "normal" amount of sales is cold comfort. The fact is, the difference in Wii sales between March and April is greater than the total number of PS 3 sales for April. Selling only 82,000 consoles sucks, no matter how you look at it, and the PS2's curve is getting steeper every month, and not in a good direction. At this rate, Sony only has a quarter, maybe two of enough PS2 sales to make the continued manufacture of that console worthwhile. Unless the PS 3 can start posting better numbers, and fairly soon, it is going to be a poor successor to the PSX line.

Overall, the Wii is clubbing its competitors like they were baby seals. Looking at VG Chartz' info, showing the 360/PS3/Wii sales since the launch for all three, and the Xbox 360's year lead doesn't seem to be doing it much good. (Note: only US and Japan sales are included in this). Looking at those numbers, at the launch of the Wii, the 360 had sold around 4,000,000 units. It only took Nintendo around three months to equal that. Microsoft and Robbie Bach can natter on about technological penis size all they want, but the numbers are not backing them up.

May's sales should be fun indeed.

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