bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

An example of how to make job applicants hate you

So like a lot of people, I'm always keeping an eye out on the job opportunity market, and when one I think would rock far more than my current gig comes up, I'll try for it.

Now, I understand that there is a reason why "applicant" and "supplicant" are similar words. Really. I get it. However, there are times when, well, at some point during the application process, something happens that makes you think "You know what, I don't think I'd want to work there even if you asked."

Take for example, the University of Central Florida. They had, recently, some openings that not only appealed to me, but matched my skill set rather nicely. So, I go through the process of uploading my resume, (Yes, that's actually it, if you're curious. Yes, I really am 40. Yes, my objective sucks, just like every objective sucks, because they're lies, unless they say "To get a job that is better than the one I (don't) have now"). I then go through the tedious process, (I'm guessing UCF uses Peoplesoft, it has a certain flavor to it. The flavor is "make this process as agonizingly painful as possible". Tastes a bit like soap.) of filling out the online application. Now, while I understand that my lack of a bachelor's degree is not a plus, I'm not new. I'm also not willing to lie. It's a thing I have, about being honest with people about who I am.

So I get done, and hit "submit", and not twenty seconds later, I see my status:

Not Qualified

What the hell? I don't even get a chance to be rejected by a human? I have over twenty years of electronics and computer experience, some of the best formal and informal management/leadership training available, but because I don't have a bachelor's degree, I don't even make it to the human screener?

I certainly hope UCF is kinder to their students and faculty than they are to potential employees, because to put it bluntly, that sucks. It doesn't make UCF even remotely resemble a place I'd want to work. It makes them look like a cold, autocratic, elitest, narrow-minded collection of jerks, and if that's the impression they want to give, then quite frankly, they're welcome to it.

But that's what looking for a job in the tech industry when you aren't 22-26 and a college grad with a juicy degree from a well-known college. You're not recruited, you're not sought after, you're not even treated with a modicum of dignity or decency. Your experience, your abilities, your skills, your willingness to learn and try new things, none of that matters. You failed to correctly fill a checkbox, bang, you're garbage, and out you go. You may get it in the keister ala UCF, you may get ignored, you may even, if you are "lucky" get a letter telling you of your unsuitability in suit-proof language. But make no mistake, you're still garbage.

Yet people wonder why I'm so cynical.

I can only hope that everyone at UCF who implemented, supports, or agrees with such a system gets to be on the receiving end of such treatment. Were I as mean as many think, I'd add the hope it happens when they're unemployed, so that as they live and die with every resume they send out, they can fully appreciate the kidney punch that such treatment delivers. But having been desperate for a job in hard times before, (October to December 2001 were not kind to me), I'll not wish that on anyone, because that really comes close to shattering you, especially when it happens over and over again.

But I will say that I'm no longer going to recommend my son go to UCF. If they cannot be bothered to treat people nicely when they don't have to, I've little faith in their sincerity in other conditions.

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