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The damned MP3 Meme...

Okay, Chaobell was the last straw...
  1. "Under Pressure" Queen
  2. "Neighbor" Ugly Kid Joe
  3. "Dreamboat Annie" Heart
  4. "My Global Mind" Queensryche
  5. "Cliffs of Dover" Eric Johnson
  6. "Alive and Kicking" Simple Minds
  7. "Vogue" Madonna
  8. "Special" Stephen Lynch
  9. "Higher" Creed
  10. "I Touch Myself" They Divinyls
  11. "Horse With No Name" America
  12. "Runnin' with the Devil" Van Halen
  13. "Rough Boys" Pete Townsend
  14. "Stairway to Heaven" Frank Zappa
  15. "Bushfire" The B-52's
  16. "Tuff Enuff" The Fabulous Thunderbirds
  17. "Good Stuff" The B-52's
  18. "Love Alive" Heart
  19. "Peace Sells" Megadeth
  20. "Super Strut" Deodato
  21. "White Girl" X
  22. "Message Of Love" The Pretenders
  23. "You Better Run" Pat Benatar
  24. "Stop Using Sex A Weapon" Pat Benatar
  25. "Radio Ga Ga" Queen
  26. "Into The Groove" Madonna
  27. "Lyin' Eyes" The Eagles
  28. "Expansions" Lonnie Liston Smith
  29. "Can't Get Enough" Jiggle The Handle
  30. "Back To Life" Soul II Soul

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