bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

The Mac BU has a new boss

Got a ping from Microsoft this morning. Craig Eisler is the new head of the Mac BU, only the third fourth (Sorry Kevin Browne, I'm an idiot, thanks to MacJournals peoples for pointing out the error of my way) person to hold that job since the Mac BU was formed, (Following Ben Waldman and Roz Ho)

Craig seems a nice chap, and a bit of a Mac fanboy. I imagine the traditional greeting of MacMacs to people in charge of the Mac BU will beat that out of him soon enough, and he'll be wondering just who does he have to kill to get a chance at a fair shake. Then again, maybe not. Hard to say. However, he's got his first Mac Mojo post up too.

If I had one thing I would wish from him, it would be to not continue the one habit Roz had that was sometimes quite frustrating. She was a tad quiet at times, and it sometimes caused the Mac BU more grief than it needed to. It's really the only complaint I ever had about her, as in the couple of times I talked to her, I was always impressed with her answers and personality.

So we enter stage three four of the Mac BU, in the same year as a major product release. Good luck Craig, and remember, Vodka makes the bad thoughts go away.

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