bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Some quick thoughts on getting an iPhone

Go to the AT&T store in Zona Rosa in Kansas City about 2:30, almost no one in line. Sweet!

Swing by Barnes & Noble, pick up an Elaine Cunningham anthology, get in line, #14, sit down and read. Nice cool day, a bit overcast, but comfortable. Life is good.

Hey Line Guy, why are you so damned concerned that you have our names and the order. Sheesh, calm down. Where's my taser.

Okay, smart people at O'Dowd's. They hand out takeout menus. A phone call and a ten minute wait later, I have my book, and a fine repast. Life is better.

AT&T people are a bit overly enthusiastic for me, but okay.

Yay, time to get one.

No, nice AT&T lady, I'll activate this at home, I have a business purpose for it.

No, really, at home is good.




Sheesh. But she's just doing her job, so I'm nice.

Get a hot chocolate at Starbuck's and home I go.

Altogether, a very civilized experience, and about 40-50 people in line at 6pm

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