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June NPD Game Console sales

Oy vey, it took me until almost August to get these. Yeesh.

Anyway, on to the numbers for June:

Wii: 381,800
Playstation 2: 270,700 (Not NPD numbers, but from Sony PR)
Xbox 360: 198,400
Playstation 3: 98,500

Comparing these to May's numbers, we get:

Wii: Up just under 13%
Playstation 2: Not calculated due to different source of numbers, (I really want to be consistent here).
Xbox 360: Up just under 29%
Playstation 3: Up just under 20%

Percentage - wise, Microsoft had the biggest sales increase, followed by Sony and Nintendo. However, just to show you that percentage isn't everything, if you look at raw numbers, we get:

Wii: 43,522 more units sold in June
Xbox 360: 43,468 more units sold in June
Playstation 3: 16, 896 more units sold in June

The difference is that Nintendo sold almost twice as many Wiis as Microsoft did Xbox 360s, so even though Nintendo had a greater increase in units sold between May and June, by 54 units, the Xbox 360 shows a greater percentage of increase. What do you take from this? Don't rely on a single statistic.

Looking at the graph for Q2 2007, it's pretty obvious that Nintendo is still winning this horse race by a large margin. The other three are competing for second place, and cries of game attach rates, price differences, or techno-superiority don't change one fact: Every month, Nintendo is outselling everyone else by huge amounts.

For the year to date, the graph looks like:

2007 is NOT being kind to Microsoft or Sony, especially Sony. If we look at VG Chartz data for total sales of the Wii/360/PS3 since their respective launches, we see that while posting lower numbers, the PS3's sales resemble the 360's, but the Wii? Well, again, having only been out for around 8.5 months, in total systems sold, it's only 699,754 units behind the 360 in terms of lifetime sales. That curve is not something that Microsoft wants to see right now, especially after having the Xbox post $1.9 billion dollars in losses, $900,000 of which would have happened anyway, even without the $1B charge they took for defective unit repair/replacement.

The year's only half over as far as these sales are concerned, but from what I can see, it's no longer a race for Microsoft or Sony to win, but rather one for Nintendo to lose.

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