bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Universal acting like 5 year olds

Poorly behaved ones at that. You want the real reason behind all the BS they're laying down about not selling DRM - free music via iTMS?

Here you go:

Apple refuses to be good little pets and pay us a buck for every iPod sold, so they can just do without

Um...excuse me, stupid Universal person? DRM - free MP3s play just peachy on iPods, and the iTMS is really not missing out on much, considering the shit you push on us as music. If the majors were all that smart, bands with loyal fan bases, like The Donnas wouldn't be telling you to pound sand and going it alone. Maybe you should stop trying to blame everyone from Steve Jobs and Shawn Fanning to Henry, mild-mannered janitor for your problems, and admit that the cause of your woes is that you're stupid, greedy, and stuck in the 90s.

Yeah, like that will ever happen.

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