bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Some praise for the Kansas City MO Apple Store

A bit of a direction change. I'd like to say something nice about the Apple Store in Kansas City MO. (No, this is not just because one of the folks there was, for some very odd, yet terribly flattering reason, excited to meet me. To whomever that was, if I seemed a bit bewildered, well, let's just say that I'm far more adept at pitchforks and torches as a reaction to finding out that the guy in front of them is that asshole behind I was terribly flattered that you like my ranting, and you did perk up my day quite a bit, so thank you very much. If I ever get t-shirts, I'll make sure to get you one, and I may steal your comment for them..."more smiley in person".)

I know it's popular to rag on the people at the Apple Store, especially the Geniuses, but every time I've dealt with the folks in the KC store, they've been fantastic. Polite, courteous, helpful, professional, and willing to do a lot of work they might not have to for me, and to my knowledge, no, they aren't all impressed with my mighty intarweb fame. They just do things right every time, even if they have to give me an answer I may not want to hear. It's why I try to buy stuff from there whenever I can, because I want them to stay there a good long time.

Good job guys, and thanks!

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