bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

July NPD Game Console Sales

It's getting silly, how long they wait to publish these. But anyway..

Wii: 425,000
PS2: 222,000
Xbox 360: 170,000
PS3: 159,000

Once again, the Wii is handily spanking everyone, outselling the Xbox 360 by 2.5:1. It's still the only "new" console to outsell the PS2 on a regular basis. Looking at percentage of change from June's numbers we get:

Wii: Up just over 11%
PS2: Not calculated since June's numbers were from a different source
Xbox 360: Down almost 15%
PS3: Up just under 61.5%

Obviously the big news here is the PS3, and it's rather phenomenal jump in sales. The easy justification for this is the price cut, but that may not be the only thing. However, the Xbox 360 was the only one of the new trio to decrease in sales. Looking at VG Chartz, we see that the Wii is finally ahead, albeit just barely of the Xbox 360. The difference? It has taken the Xbox 360 twenty-one months or so to get to its current sales figures. It's taken the Wii nine. The Wii hasn't had to eat a billion dollars for widespread reliability problems that forced Microsoft to extend the warranty on the Xbox 360, nor has it had to deal with Microsoft's latest faux pas, a steering wheel controller with some extreme overheating problems.

No matter how you look at it, Nintendo's heads are going to split in two if they smile any wider, and Sony may finally have something to smile about.

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