bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

iToner 1.0 is out

Ambrosia software announced the release of iToner 1.0 today. iToner is a shareware utility that does one thing...lets you add ring tones to your iPhone. It doesn't do anything else.

However, in the spirit of "doing things the right way", iToner doesn't hack your iPhone to do this. According to Ambrosia, all it does is transfer files from your Mac to your iPhone. It's not modifying anything. It puts no code on the iPhone. It doesn't change anything in the OS. So, while it won't unlock your phone, let you browse the file system, give you a terminal or anything like that, you also won't lose any of your custom ringtones due to a firmware update. According to Ambrosia, they hack absolutely nothing with iToner, and that is pretty much the reason why I will use iToner, but not the others.

True, Apple could kill all third-party ringtones by killing all custom user data with every update, but that would be kind of stupid. However, since iToner's not loading custom code, you don't have to fear firmware updates. You also don't have to worry about doing something stupid and hosing your phone. You may have to worry that your ringtones will be lame, but there's no cure for that. In other words, you don't need Big Scary Warnings, like you get with iFuntastic:

iFuntastic will copy files to your phone, modify the phone's system and other files, and generally root around in its innards. While this usually works, there are no guarantees.
Proceed at your own risk (it can't be stressed enough.)

I'm not feeling the confidence here.

Oh yeah. It's not free. Stop whining. It's shareware. Play with it. If you like it, great. If not, use something else. But it's fifteen dollars. This is not going to kill you. Seriously. It's also a nice simple UI with two options. The first is manual setup. Drag and drop, then hit the sync button. Look:

Nice and clean, no extraneous stuff.

The second mode uses iTunes playlists to sync, so you can set up a playlist just for your iPhone. Again, simple:

How do you install iToner? Drag and drop. How do you install it on your iPhone? You don't. Pay attention, it doesn't install any code on your iPhone. It Just Works. iToner...iPhone ringtones for the rest of us.

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