bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

On the iPod/iPhone announcement

New colors for shuffles.

Redesigned Nano, for better video, 4GB for $149, 8GB for $199.

iPod, now iPod "Classic" in 80GB and 160GB sizes, for $249 and $349 respectively.

iPod "Touch", an iPhone without the phone part, with WiFi, in 8GB and 16GB for $299 and $399.

WiFi iTunes Store for the Touch and the iPhone.

WiFi deal with Starbuck's.

$200 dollar price drop on the iPhone, both models, with the 4GB model being discontinued, so the 8GB is now $399.

That thudding sound you hear is the Zune.

Hitting bottom.

"But we dropped the price of the 30GB Zune to $199!" says the Zune team.

Alas, they may have brought a sharper knife to the fight, but as the amazingly apt Andy Ihnatko said, Apple brought a cannon. That's the difference between being an innovator and a wannabe. I think Microsoft may want to rethink that Zune strategy which seems to be "make shitty versions of great products, and hope the people making the great products never improve theirs again".

Thus far, it's not working real well.

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