bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

What a good design gets you

Now, most of you know I'm getting married, and that my Fiancee is an artist and graphic designer. What you may not know is that she works for the Osceola County Library system in well, Osceola County FL. One of the big projects that she and one of her coworkers have been the primary people on is a redesign of the Library system's web site. That link I have to it is the new design.

A lot of times, people do redesigns because well, they think they should. But they are never quite sure what it will get them.

In the library's case, the benefits of the redesign are clear, and obvious. In the months prior to the rollout of the new design, average hit count was around 12,500 hits per month. (I forget page views or unique visitors) Not bad.

The first full month with the new design? Over ninety-five thousand hits. That's right. From 12,500 to over 95,000. With a significant percentage of users hanging out on the site for over five minutes. An almost-eightfold increase in hits, and longer loyalty numbers. That's what a good design got them. Will those numbers hold in the long run? Hard to say, but that's not a bad start.

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