bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

I know I'm totally alone on this...

But unless it's about Segway polo, lame practical jokes or thirty - year old tech as a (valuable) historical reference or other "I'm a fat old rich white guy who does fuck all besides be a fat old rich white guy", (and that's pretty cool, don't get me wrong), stuff...

I don't fucking care what Steve Wozniak has to say about Apple or Apple products. He doesn't work there. He isn't involved in the decisions. He has lunch with Jobs here and there, according to his own words. He's no more better - informed than anyone else about what's going on there, and is full of shit just as frequently.

Can we please stop asking him wtf he thinks is behind various Apple things? 'Cause you know, if you're going to ask him, you may as well ask Bruce Horn or anyone who actually worked on a fucking Macintosh. Any of them would have the same kind of "insight" as Woz, only with less e-fellating. The dude had one successful company, and no doubt he did literally change the world. But he did it in 1977. A little less sucking of the Woznipenis would not kill anyone.

note: members of the Woz fan club...yes, I know what he did. let it fucking go, he's now just a historical figure enjoying his money. get your head out of his ass and see who's creating new stuff. i'm not saying forget the man exists, but stop hanging on his every word already.

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