bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Just say no to ComputerWorld Mac articles

So a good friend sends me a link to this pile of WTF-ery. I read it, (some good writing there...not), and think "Well, I could bash the hell out of this", but then I realize, there's no point. With rare exception, ComputerWorld's Mac coverage is flame/trollbait looking for hit counts. I mean, just look at the title. Circular logic, not bothering to learn the market, and well, Mike Elgan. What more do you need as proof that ComputerWorld's Mac coverage is crap, well, 99% of it is. For example:
The fact that Microsoft hasn't updated its Entourage client for the Mac in several years suggests that its OS X support is waning, although a new Office 2008 version for the Mac with a new e-mail client is due in January.
See? Stupid writ large.

So do what I did as of this bit: Stop reading it unless you want to see what the output of a bunch of Dvoraking Chuckleheads looks like.

They aren't going to change, and they don't care about getting better. So why give them the hits? Just walk away.

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