bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Frozen Jesus on a Stick

Damn dude, at least make me wait a day before finding yet another reason to use my "Steve Ballmer - Dumbass" tag.

What's next, he's going threaten to sue Chris Burke for personal image infringement?1 It could happen, Ballmer's just that stupid, hell, it already sounds like Enderle is writing his speeches.

1) calm down people. obviously chris burke is far smarter, humorous, talented, and more sane that ballmer will ever be. it's just a shame that ballmer keeps doing a "single white female" on's gettin' kinda stalkerrific, ya know? chris, if you read this, i'll understand if you're offended that i compared you to ballmer, but it was either you or young frankenstein, and these days, you're the more interesting, not done-to-death reference.

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