bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Some days, the proof just writes itself

So of course, with Apple announcing the iPhone SDK for February, I had to go see what my favorite echo chamber propagator had to say.

I was not disappointed:
How news spreads…

Dave Winer just called me and said Apple is coming out with an iPhone SDK next year.

How did he know? It’s on Twitter. Not on TechMeme.

MacNN has the story. I just got up, so more to come after I clear my head.

The fact that the original story came out on Apple's Hot News RSS feed, and then everyone picked it up from there? Nah, it really happened on Twitter. (okay, how funny is it that Mr. RSS himself, Dave Winer, and his sidekick, "I read 8702348750238 feeds a day Boy", Der Scoble don't read that news feed?)

To his credit, Der Scoble does link to the original story, but then overlooks it as the real source so that he can pump up the "Twitter is where all the news comes from" echo chamber.


But the reality won't matter, because the Twitter echo chamber will say "We didn't say it started on Twitter, that's just how it spread". Along with every other way. For me, it's more MacSurfer than anything else. Oh, and the MacNN artcile? It implies this is a reaction to the hacking on the iPhone. For some reason, I seriously doubt that.

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