bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

I want an I.Q. test for Leopard

a wee bit of paraphrasing...but not much

I need <software> for my business, it's critical, but the vendor said it's incompatible with Leopard/it hasn't been tested on Leopard. However, I upgraded anyway, because the magical MacUpgradeFairies will protect me, and they DIDN'T. Now, <software> crashes, and I can't get work done. What do I do, and why did Steve Jobs kill the MacUpgradeFairies??? Why does Steve hate magical creatures? DAMN YOU STEVE JOBS! DAMN YOU TO HELL!
It's simple really: you're too stupid to own a computer. Email me, and I'll pay to have all your computer gear UPS'd to me, where I can give it to someone who is smart enough to use a computer, but cannot afford one.

In return, you'll get a pretty rubber ball with sparkles. Go on boy, catch the ball. Here we go, catch...aww, well, keep practicing, I'm sure you'll get better.

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