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learning something new

So i'm learning something new.

Music, and the guitar.

First off, poorheather is teaching me both. you know, it's interesting. you can know someone a long time, but not really get what they're talking about. I've known forever that she's a musician. But that can mean a lot of things. So when the guitar showed up, she was home, unboxed it, tuned it. But that's not the interesting part. She has a guitar too. And when hers came in, I was home and I unboxed it and set it up in it's stand. Was it tuned? Fuck all if I know. I know what a guitar should sound like, but I can't tune one by more than I could tune a fish.

So she gets it all tuned, and a couple days later, buys me some books on learning guitar. And so I'm sitting on the floor in her room and looking at one of them...and she's just playing the she reads the music. That's when I really realized that, holy shit, she's really fucking good. This wasn't "Twinkle, Twinkle little star" kiddies. This was the real stuff. and she tossed them off almost casually.

Okay, I don't know shit about how hard any of it is, but I was blown away. Then, she explained how musical notation a way that I FINALLY understood. Like how a sharp and a flat can be the same's just a matter of context based on the preceding note's position on the scale. Why don't more people explain it like that?

So I'm finally learning how to read music, correctly, and to play guitar. No computers involved. Yes, I know about and own garage band. But that's not why I'm learning.

This (track 1 of disc two) is why. And this.

Because Prince and Jimmy Page together play better, more varied guitar than every fucktardio get on the radio these days combined. On the best day of his life, Kurt Cobain was never as good as Jimmy Page smacked out all to hell.

Because I want to be able to really understand this music I love.


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