bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

You know what?

If none of the presidential candidates are willing to have a serious debate on how they will approach government support and encouragement of math, science, and support for scientific research, (and I mean real science. Spare me voicing of support for bullshit like Reiki and the rest of the stupid. Along a similar vein, the only place ID belongs is right next to Voodoo, shamanism, and "Bullfinch's Mythology", and should be mocked unto the tenth generation), then to hell with all of them.

If they can't be bothered to seriously think about science, even though they could not reach the masses effectively without it, then none of them get my vote. I'll just vote for Joe Walsh. Sure, he's a little odd, but the press conferences would rock. Literally.

(Many, many thanks to PZ Meyers of "Pharyngula, Shelley Batts of "Retrospectacle", and all the other folks at ScienceBlogs for all their excellent posts on things scientific and cultural alike. It is comforting to see a community that devoted to improving the world and the silly people in it through the real pursuit of knowledge. In a country dominated by fundamentalist fear-mongering, and the exultation of ignorance and stupidity, ScienceBlogs, and its members are truly a light trying to guide us greatness.)

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