bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

So I wonder when

We'll have an announcement from the Acrobat team as to how they're going to continue to provide Acrobat-Office integration in Office 2008.

Since they've refused to even consider using AppleScript for this in the past, in spite of the fact that AppleScript would allow them to greatly improve the features of their macros, and the only method the were willing to even consider, VBA, is no longer an option, I'm curious as to when, or if, we'll hear about how they plan on doing this.

Considering the Acrobat team's attitude towards the Mac, even in the face of customer demand, it's even odds that they'll say "Well, it's impossible now", and let it die. Further consideration of the fact that since Acrobat 5, they've added exactly one new feature to the Macros, namely the preservation of Internet URLs, which InDesign was doing in version 2, and this feature was added in Acrobat 8, and is the only difference between using the Macros and hitting the "save as PDF" button in the Office print dialogs...

would anyone even notice?

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