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Blogs that aren't inane tech sites

So when blogmeisters like Scoble and Winer talk about the "power of the Blogosphere", you do know what they're talking about, right? 90% tech circle-jerking, 9% politics, and a wee bit of personal babble. For all their blathering about the power of the "blogosphere", they don't talk about anything about that inane circle-jerk tech bubble they live in.

Great...more geeks talking about geeks. I can feel the world becoming a better place already.


That's not to say there aren't blogs or groups of blogs trying to do more than bitch about technoshite and how mean commenters are. It's just that if you use Technorati and the rest to find blogs, all you're going to find is the same shite that Scoble and Winer link to.

Luckily, you read this site, so here, let me link you to some sites that might actually teach you something beyond how to make your tech-dick bigger and harder:
  • Language Log, which has some fascinating, if not often esoteric posts about the myriad ways we use and abuse the English language. The link list there is pretty cool too.

  • ScienceBlogs, an entire community devoted to well, science, and learning, and the promotion of both. Note to the Scobleites: These are cranky, cantangerous people. They live in a world of facts and proof. They will not hesitate to attack stupidity like a horde of pissed-off army ants, and if you're stupid enough to complain they aren't being nice, they'll laugh even harder and tell you to fuck off. Some of my favorite SB sites are Retrospectacle, Pharyngula, The Questionable Authority, Respectful Insolence, and Adventures in Ethics and Science.

  • TDJ, who manages to prove that contrary to what the "Blogorati wish you to think, there's some pretty cool stuff on LiveJournal

  • The Bad Astronomy Blog, part of an overall website that is just fascinating to anyone with a love for astronomy and snark

  • ERV: Warning...don't poke the ERV.

  • Diane Duane, my favorite author

  • Finally, Crummy Church Signs

A plethora of blogs, none of them will ever appear on Technorati, some of them make my head hurt when they get down and dirty. (ERV and pals going deep into evolution of various HIV virii...owww...but SO cool.)

The only reason blogs have been taken over by Scoble, Winer, et al is because people have allowed them to be. There's far more out there than that technobubble bullshit, no matter what the rating sites tell you.

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